5 Things to Consider When Picking a Reception Venue

Want a wedding reception that your guests will be talking about for YEARS to come? Consider these five venue specifics before deciding on the best one for you.

reception venue
After a wedding usually comes a reception — this is when the partying really starts, which also means this part of the entire affair has to go off without a hitch.
The bride, groom and wedding guests are free to have fun, dance, give speeches, eat and drink until the cows come home…

…But just because the party is fun and fancy free doesn’t mean that planning it doesn’t require a lot of hard work.

The problem is that finding a wedding reception venue is harder than you might think. We have incredible venues for your own wedding reception needs, but remember to consider these five very important needs.

1. Space

How big is your wedding party?

Are you only inviting a few friends or are both of your huge families going to be in attendance?
It doesn’t make sense to rent a huge venue if your wedding party is small, and it’s similarly nonsensical to book a small reception hall when you have a huge wedding party to take care of.

It’s also important to consider space issues concerning the layout of the reception, dance areas, any band setup locations and parking capabilities.

2. Privacy

Some couples prefer to have a spacious, outdoor setting for their reception.
They choose a rented pavilion that they can have to themselves, but there are still strangers and park-goers milling around on the outskirts.

Others want a more private affair — something more intimate and exclusive.
A reception venue should be able to fulfill a couple’s desire for privacy or their need for a lot of space.

3. The Feel

There’s always a question of what you want your venue to look like…a closed in room with lots of spotlights?
An open area event hall with a lot of coming and going?
A huge building with lots of windows, overlooking a spectacular piece of scenery?

The romantic and festive atmosphere are important when it comes to a wedding reception, but different couples have different definitions of those words.
Some prefer a lounge-type setting, while others want a grandiose ballroom.

What do you want your reception venue to say about you?

4. Music

Do you want a live band or DJ at your reception?
How many outlets and power sources will they require?
What about the acoustics of a particular venue?

Sound quality can make or break the atmosphere of a venue — everything can go well and a band can sound great, or thick carpeting or a smaller room can really put a damper on the musical mood.

5. Overall Venue Quality

The encompassing quality of a venue is perhaps the most important consideration of all.
A great venue is one that has a staff that will work with you.
They’ll be considerate of your needs, and open and honest about what they can do to make your special day that much better.
When looking for a venue, always give the staff a call and schedule a meeting to discuss the venue’s potential.
That’s when you’ll really find out if they’re worth sticking with.

Looking for a great wedding reception venue for your own special day? Take our advice and contact us — we may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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