6 Steps to a Memorable High School Dance

Give your high school students a dance they’ll never forget.

High School Dance 1
Teenagers have pretty low expectations when it comes to their typical high school dances.
They don’t expect anything relevant to their interests — adults are out of touch, so teens are just there to talk to their friends, dance a little, and eat food they bought themselves at a local convenience store.

High schools that want to host successful, profitable dances need to learn that the way to create a memorable school dance isn’t to slap an event together and expect the kids to enjoy themselves.

Wow them.
Dazzle them.
Teenagers want to know they’re being catered too, and dances that are modern and relevant are dances that are successful.

Get the opinion of students.

School dance planning committees are often wary of asking students for advice on how to plan for an event.
They assume students will be naughty or have no consideration for the budget; asking for overpriced DJs or finding a way to sneak in contraband.

Have a little more faith in your students — add at least three or four students to your committee and get their input on things like the music or theme.

Always consider the date.

Nothing can sink a school dance like bad planning.
School dances should be fun for students and profitable for the school, so a lot of planning has to go into the marketing of this big bash.
Scheduling a dance on the same night as a huge movie premiere or local sports event can make students choose between the event and something else they might like.

Don’t settle for the school gym.

School dances that are memorable don’t happen next to folded up bleachers and on slick, basketball court-eque floor material.
They do happen within a venue that sets the scene for a magical night .

While a bigger, out-of-school venue may be more expensive, it also gives the school the opportunity to boost ticket sales and drum up more interest.
Teens are used to dances held in smelly gyms…why not give them something more festive than that?

Entertainment has to be top notch.

No modern teen wants to listen to the same dance music that was being played at school functions since the 80’s.
Of course   there are timeless classics that can be thrown on the playlist — but the entertainment and music have to be something teens identify with today .

Don’t be afraid of Top 40 hits and modern music. As long as you establish that there shouldn’t be any swearing or vulgarity in what the DJ picks or that the band plays, you’re golden.

Choose a memorable theme.

It’s not enough to throw a few palm tree cutouts on the walls anymore and say the theme of the dance is “Hawaiian Luau.”
Boring, dated dance themes aren’t fun or engaging for modern teens.
A high school dance’s theme doesn’t have to be so edgy that it’s controversial, but it does need to have a modern twist.

This is where student opinion can come in handy — what kind of theme do your students want, and can you make their ideas work for your budget and boundaries?

Let them make memories.

The things teenagers remember about school dances are the things you remember about your own — first kisses, having fun with their friends and the night they have to themselves where they can have uninhibited fun.

The most memorable thing about the dance won’t necessarily be what color streamers you choose or the brand of soda you’re serving.

Give them a photo booth, a big dance floor and a great DJ — that’s where the magic will happen.

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