4 Tips for Throwing a Great Halloween Party

Give partygoers the treat they deserve on Halloween!

Jack o lanterns
Halloween is a magical holiday, and parties held in honor of this yearly festivity can be legendary.
They’re hard — but the goal is to give your party an expected tradition and inspired twist.
You don’t just want a party that’s good. You want to throw one that’s truly great.

These four Halloween party tips should be considered before you finalize any plans.
Look them over and see which ones work for you!

Settle on a Demographic

Ask yourself this question: who are you throwing this party for? Sometimes the answer is obvious, like throwing a Halloween party for adults or children. Sometimes the answer isn’t so clear, or it should be examined in greater detail.

Will this party be both parent- and child-friendly?
If it’s for adults, what age range are you looking to entertain?
Ask yourself the same question if you’re considering throwing a party for children; a party for six-year-olds will certainly look different when compared to teens 10 years older.

All of the decisions you make about your party will be impacted by your answers to these questions.
Don’t make the mistake of throwing a party that’s too young or old for your guests.

The Most Important Feature…

Decorations, of course!
Halloween party decorations can set the mood or be as terrifying as possible, but they all need to be of the highest quality.
You can DIY great decorations , or go all out and splurge at the Halloween store — no matter what you do, make it count.

Make sure to consider the atmosphere of the party above all else.
Some parties are great with just a few streamers and wall decorations.
Others need that ” dry ice in a cauldron ” to feel totally complete.
No matter what theme or budget you’re looking at, just remember that this should take up the majority of your planning time.

Don’t Forget Flatware

Most parties don’t require any specific flatware.
You can pick out whatever color plates and drinking cups for a wedding reception or birthday party (depending on the agreed upon theme), but Halloween flatware is in a league of its own.

Why is this so important?
You need to focus on details! If you really want to throw a fun party on Halloween, make sure that anything having to do with food is in line with the holiday spirit.
This can range from Halloween-themed paper plates to how you cook and serve the food.
Halloween is a holiday for going all out — treat it as such!

Make the Party Fun

You’ve likely been to a party or two where you’re supposed to make your own entertainment — there are snacks and drinks, of course, but you’re supposed to find a friend and talk until you aren’t bored anymore.
Halloween parties shouldn’t function this way. Take the festive expression of “trick or treat” to heart.

If there’s nothing to actively do at your Halloween party, it’s certainly not the best it can be. Depending on your age demographic, fun games can include costumes or alcohol, buyable party games or activities of your own invention.

Overall, Halloween is a holiday where creativity really shines through.
It’s your job to make sure that your Halloween party is all that it can be, and this includes putting a lot of loving thought and effort into planning it.

How memorable will your Halloween party be?

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