5 New Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding Dresses
So many girls fantasize about their wedding days way before there’s even a groom in the picture.
One of the elements they put the most thought in for their big day is THE dress .

And why wouldn’t they?
So much emphasis is put on the wedding gown because it becomes one of the central focuses at that magical moment when the bride appears at the start of the aisle, and everyone sees her as a bride for the first time.

While many young girls know exactly what they want in a wedding dress, there are trends and new styles that we are introduced to every year that may make the bride-to-be rethink the design of her gown.

Here are 5 new and reimagined wedding dress styles we love and think you might too:


Wedding Dress 2
If you want to make a statement at your wedding, this floral trend is a beautiful way of doing it – particularly if you are having a summer or spring wedding.
The floral appliques, floral lace embroidery, watercolor flower print are whimsical ways to bring color to your dress, and the overall look is incredibly romantic.


Wedding Dress
The truth is that white can be quite harsh against any skin tone.
This is why most wedding dresses aren’t exactly white.
Some designers have completely gone beyond off-white and have taken things up a notch by introducing the colored bridal gown. These dresses range from subtle shades to bold pop of colors.

Chic and Simple

Wedding Dress 4
This style may not be new, but it’s definitely back in a big way.

This style literally has no frills, and that’s what we love about it.
It’s incredibly chic and stylish and perfect for the confident bride who doesn’t need to drown herself in embellishment.
Ideal for the bride who intends to have fun on her wedding day and not be weighed down by a heavy dress.


Wedding Dress 5
The beauty of wearing separates is that you can combine two different textures in one look.

It also introduces another style that has been getting attention – crop tops!
Imagine pairing a jeweled cropped strapless bustier with a long romantic chiffon ombre-colored skirt.
The combinations are endless with this dress style.

High Collar

Wedding Dress 6
High collar equals high fashion.

This wedding dress style is ideal for the bride who is trendy, fashionable, and demure.
The high collar gives this dress a very regal feel, and you’ll look like royalty walking down the aisle.
It’s perfect with an updo so that the details of the high collar are the focus of this elegant gown.

So many options – all designed to make her feel incredible on that special day.
Which will you pick?

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