Why You Should Throw Your Holiday Party in January

Holiday Party 1
Most people look forward to the holidays.

While it’s filled with excitement, it can also be quite stressful – although you’re meant to
be on holiday break, it doesn’t quite feel like it because of the back-to-back parties and

Many people view December as the month to hold holiday parties and others use it as the time
of year to catch up with old friends because they figure everyone is on a break and have free

The reality is, people are busiest in December thanks to relatives coming in from out-of-town, the kids are home from school, shopping needs to be done, and there are parties to attend. By mid-December, many people are all partied out.

However, it’s not over yet as there are probably still parties set on the calendar for the remaining weekends leading up the New Year.
This is why more people are coming to realize that January is just as good a time to throw a party or have a reunion.
The following are great reasons to throw your holiday party in January. 

Venue availability and reduced cost
Many event spaces are booked for December months in advance.
You may not always get your venue of choice and have to settle for any location that is available.
Having your event in January means that you will have your first pick of event spaces.

You may also find other vendors – caterers, venues, and entertainment – offering lower rates.
By this time of year, many establishments are offering “off-season” rates.

Fewer time conflicts
Expect more people to be available to attend your party if it’s held in January.
Things have quieted down for most people after the first of the year.
Nothing will conflict with your guests’ schedules as most of their events occurred in December.

Cross Cultural
A party held in January promises inclusivity.
December has always been associated with Christmas, a holiday that not everyone celebrates.
By having your event in January, employees and guests who don’t partake in the Christmas traditions won’t feel forced,
uncomfortable, or out-of-place.

Theme options
Because January is inclusive, the theme of your party doesn’t have to be limited to Santa Claus, reindeers, the exchange of gifts, or focused on a religious figure.
Instead, you can emphasize the beauty of the season.

Your January celebration can be a winter wonderland. After all, winter can last up to March making January an equally pleasant month as December to enjoy a Winter-themed party.
You can also consider your January event as a party to welcome the New Year. Or it can be your last hurrah before going back to school or work.

Alternatively, it can be a theme totally unrelated to winter particularly if the city you live in doesn’t experience much snow ( like San Jose ).

When it comes to conceptualizing your theme for your January event, there are no rules.
This is an excellent opportunity for you to get creative and just have fun .

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