5 Reasons to Have Off-Site Executive Meetings

Take your meeting off-site, out of the office, and away from the traditional boardroom setting… Executive meetings are notoriously associated with boring hours spent locked in a conference room, sitting around a table with the…

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4 Tips for Throwing a Great Halloween Party

Give partygoers the treat they deserve on Halloween! Halloween is a magical holiday, and parties held in honor of this yearly festivity can be legendary. They’re hard — but the goal is to give your party…

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5 New Wedding Dress Styles

So many girls fantasize about their wedding days way before there’s even a groom in the picture. One of the elements they put the most thought in for their big day is THE dress . And why…

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6 Steps to a Memorable High School Dance

Give your high school students a dance they’ll never forget. Teenagers have pretty low expectations when it comes to their typical high school dances. They don’t expect anything relevant to their interests — adults are…

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