Captivating outdoor lighting
Professional lighting is an affordable way to transform a special event at the Corinthian Ballroom into a Magical event; creating an original look that will set yours apart from others.

An Event Lighting company incorporates the Psychology of Movie and Theater lighting concepts to enhance your event.
Be sure and talk to a good designer that understands your vision.

MagicaLighting – making your event Magical

Lighting concepts used at Corinthian Ballroom have included:

Uplighting on the lower wall:
By placing an uplight below each of the Corinthian supports we can create a warm, aesthetically pleasing, glow.
This glow not only warms up the room, but also cast a hue over the guest providing a look of healthier skin complexions.
Amber to Burgundy provide the greatest effect, but anything besides green is good. (Green is bad for complexion)
Uplighting on upper wall:
Here we use high powered uplights with a more pronounced color for decorative purposes, shining columns of light at each of the rafters. (Green is ok here, it doesn’t reflect back to your guests)
Patterns projected on the upper wall
We can shine pattern gobo’s on the walls to create a texture or scene.
The walls are great for custom gobo’s (Wedding Monagrams or Company Logo’s)
Table glow
Some tables are more important than others, it’s a fact.
Casting a warm glow on the Sweetheart/Head table or table of honor sets them apart in a way that might not be consciously perceived, but subconsciously eyes will be drawn.
Thoughts of “They look soooo good tonight” or “They are just glowing” are common ( the guests don’t know there is Magic involved).
Stage Lighting:
A simple high powered theater spotlight on the ceremony makes a big difference.
Stage lighting for acts or speakers is imperative.
There is a wide range of stage lighting available, depending on your needs and wants.  Everything from a static colored wash to a large production manned lighting show.
For pass the mic speeches or Q&A, a great addition is a moving head spotlight that will enhance speakers anywhere in the room. (Photographers and Vidoeographers love this)
A pinspot is a bright narrow beam light that makes things really pop.
About 2 feet diameter at 30 feet distance.
They are great for wedding cakes, table centerpieces and pictures or banners.
Those are the basics. Other custom lighting options are available.
If you have any questions or ideas please contact MagicLighting directly. Site visits are always free with no commitment.
Eddy McLay
Owner/Principal Designer
Magical Lighting

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