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Grand Corinthian Ballroom Front entrance

San Jose’s Best Wedding Hall

The moment has finally arrived and the wedding day of your dreams is right around the corner.  Even though that may actually mean a few months from now or maybe even a year but things move really fast when the wedding planning begins.

One of the first important aspects of the big day is where is all of the magic going to happen. Where is the place that is going to make every dream even from childhood come to life?

The place your family and friends will discuss for years to come and maybe even one little girl will attend and she will begin the dreams of her wedding day because of this perfect spot.

The Corinthian Grand Ballroom is just that, it is a place where all the magic happens. This historical building boasts of not only huge columns that remind you of ancient days but it also has been featured in the movies. It has an old school vibe of the renaissance error with classic architectural features that truly sets the stage for the perfect wedding venue.

The Corinthian Grand Ballroom is extremely unique, not your typical hotel meeting ballroom with that same textured carpet that is better used for business meetings and a lot of fancy decorations to attempt to make things look festive enough for a wedding. Yes, any venue can be transformed with the right d├ęcor but the Corinthian Grand Ballroom is already Grand so the foundation of the venue sets the stage. Decorations are used to cover up the existing features they only enhance the venue.

Whether you are planning for a large guest count of more than 500 or a small intimate setting of fewer than 100 guests the area can be used so that it is not overwhelming or feeling too small. We can make it feel as if it were made exactly for your wedding party.  The space is large enough to accommodate a larger wedding party as well as the use of drape designs to separate the space into a more intimate setting if need be.

You will start with a blank canvas of style and elegance even if your style of modern and chic, this venue space will help make all your wedding day dreams come true.

The Corinthian Grand also supplies food, glassware, crystal Chiavari chairs, linens in black or white as well as a full-service staff.

So what is the next step in making this wedding dream day a reality? Just submit an inquiry for a virtual tour or have your wedding planner contact us with a proposal of what your needs are and we will reach out to them in order to get the ball rolling on this very important day.

Featured Amenities For Wedding Party & Guest:

Bride & Bridesmaid Changing Room (Olympia Room)

Bridal changing room Grand Ballroom San Jose

Groom & Groomsmen Changing Room (Decathlon Room)

Groom changing room corinthian Grand Ballroom

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